Day Trip to Lake Bled


During my Eastern European Trip last year one of the biggest surprises for me was Slovenia. It was never a place I really considered going and to be honest as I was passing I thought I would go just to tick it off the list. But I quickly found out that Slovenia is amazing and I ended up staying an extra couple of nights.

Day trip from Ljubljana 

One of the best things about Slovenia is the transport. From Ljubljana you can get to all the main attractions so this is a great place to base yourself. Buses to Bled come regularly and it takes less than an hour to get there.


What to do

  • Visit Bled Castle Even if you don’t go in (I didn’t) its worth going to the top as it has the best view of the lake.
  • Walking around the whole lake is doable if you only have a day. It can take a few hours but depends how often you stop for photos/lunch/take in the scenery.
  • You can take a boat over to the island. There is a cafe over there and a beautiful church. It’s a nice place to chill out and get a different view of the lake.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you been to lake bled or slovenia? is it on your bucket list? let me know.


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20 thoughts on “Day Trip to Lake Bled

  1. Omg how pretty! This is actually one of the places on our Interrail travel list this summer but haven’t gotten round to planning it yet – this has defo been put on the list! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James |


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