Underrated Places in Europe

I went to so many amazing places last year, and even though I did a lot of research before I left for my trip around europe, there were quite a few places that I went to thanks to the help of locals and other traveler’s that I wouldn’t of gone to otherwise. So I wanted to share with you some places around Europe that I think you should look into going to.


Kalambaka, Greece

This place is beautiful. I was so amazed when I arrived here. Its a tiny little town but the hikes are amazing and the views are wonderful. You will pass a few monasteries. I only did a couple but the ones I did I found really interesting. This town is mainland of greece but It is definitely worth a visit if your near by.


Hvar, Croatia

To be honest, anywhere in Croatia is worth a visit. But if I had to pick one place, my favourite would be Hvar, a small island about an hour away from split. Hvar has a better nightlife than the other islands especially if you go in season. But if your not into that, there are beautiful beaches and a castle that has amazing views.


Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Again, it was really hard to just pick one place in Bulgaria but I think my favourite place was Plovdiv and it was a place I nearly skipped out. Theres plenty of chance for nice views, history, food and lots of drinks. Theres something for everyone here.


Kotor, Montenegro

If you’ve looked into Montenegro then you probably have heard of this but Its a place I had never heard of until someone suggested that I make a stop there. It is easily one of the most beautiful places. I could go on forever telling you how amazing it is but I think my picture says a lot more.

So thats my list of a few places that I think need shouting out about a lot more because I honestly had the best time at these places.

Have you been to any of these places?

Is there anywhere you’ve been that you thing is underrated?


16 thoughts on “Underrated Places in Europe

  1. Love this! Everyone seems to want to go where everyone else is going, so this post is really refreshing. I’m not going to lie lol but them pictures of Bali on instagram are only feeding my obsession with the island. At the moment, I am also obsessed with Orhid in Macedonia, which I’d say is beautiful but underrated. I plan to visit both Bali and Orhid this year. 😊


    1. Orhid looks beautiful! I unfortunately missed it when I was in Macedonia but I hope to go another time. Bali would be amazing to go to as well 😊


  2. I’ve never been to anywhere on this list! Although I’m so close to booking a trip to Tivat/Kotor and it’s so nice to see it featured in your post. I always love discovering underrated destinations πŸ™‚


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