Eastern Europe Travel Tips

I did a trip around east Europe last year and it always gets some interesting responses. People were so worried before I left that I would get kidnapped and murdered which is not really something you want to hear before you about to leave on your own for 4 months. Eastern Europe isn’t really a popular choice for travellers which made it a bit harder to do research,ย so I wanted to give you some tips that I would have found useful to know before Iย went.


1. One thing I found really hard was googling transport for one place to another but most of the hostels I stayed in where really helpful and had train/bus timetables available. So don’t worry to much if you cant findย anything before you go.

2. Alway have enough cash on you because not everywhere excepts card.

3. Public transport can be a lot slower than in Western Europe. So bare this in mind when deciding how long your wanting to spend in each place, as you will probably be spending a lot longer traveling from place to place than you might think.

4. Ask the people at your accommodation where to go and what to do. Everything I did was of recommendations and I saw some amazing places, and traveled to places I would never have done without their recommendations.

5. Flights in Europe can be really cheap so keep an eye out on cheap flights if your looking to get to a place thats a bit further away. my favourite app was sky scanner.

6. The one thing I would change about my trip is to take a backpack rather than a suitcase. If your walking half an hour to your accommodation on cobbled road you will want a backpack.

I have a few more posts that I want to put up about my trip, so if you want any advice or have something you’d like to see let me no and I’ll try and do it. I hope you found these tips useful if your wanting to go to east europe.


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